Group Leader

Dr Sarah A Harris contact details can be found here.

PostDoctoral Researchers and Fellows

Dr Agnes Noy - Understanding Supercoiling-Dependent DNA Recognition: A Combined Experimental and Computational Approach

Dr Albert Solernou - Albert's Stuff

PhD Students

Ben Hanson - FFEA Study of cytoplasmic dynein

Outi Kamarainen - Calculating Configurational Entropies from Molecular Dynamics

Glenn Carrington - FFEA, MD and Experimental Studies of myosin VII

Former Members

Dr Asmaa Elsheshiny - Electric fields on proteins

Mr Girish Tampi - The Molecular Basis of Entropy-Enthalpy Compensation

Dr Robin Oliver - Novel algorithms for mesoscale biosimulation

Dr Robin Richardson - Novel algorithms for mesoscale biosimulation

Dr Thana Sutthibutpong - DNA Supercoiling and Topology

Dr Joshua Berrymann - Polymorphism in Amyloid Formation

Dr Binbin Liu - Thermodynamics of peptide aggregation

Dr Jonathan Mitchell - DNA Supercoiling and Topology

Dr Georgios Patargias -Calculation of protein dielectric constants

Dr David Reha - Multiscale models of charge transfer through DNA

Dr Jonathan Westwood - Melting kinetics of RNA aptamers

Dr Hlengisizwe Ndlovu - Mechanical properties of Amyloid fibrils

Group circa 2015. Clockwise from Top Left: O. Kamarainen, S.A. Harris, A. Noy, G. Carrington, B. Hanson and A. Solernou

Group circa 2012. Left to Right: H Ndlovu, R Oliver, A Noy, R Richardson, A Elsheshiny, G Tampi, Dr S.A Harris, and T Sutthibutpong

Group circa 2010. Left to Right: R Oliver, Dr S.A Harris, J Westwood, Dr B Liu, A Elsheshiny, H Ndlovu and J Mitchell

Group circa 2009

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